Food is Love

Traveling is not only about places and historical spots where you go and take photos for your profile picture on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Culture is part of the package of what we enjoy every time we visit a place and spend time living the moment. Of course, having an enjoyable trip comes hand in hand with amazing food. And food is part of the Filipino culture. Without it, life is boring for the Filipinos if there’s no food on the table, or should I say, travel is a disaster if your tummy is sad.

That is why this blog entry is for the love of food of Filipinos. We can’t deny that food brings us closer together not only to our family but to our friends as well.

To start with, let’s go to this small restaurant in Sampaloc, Manila. It is Creamhub Milkshakes and Smoothie Bar located at 866 Santo Tomas St. Corner Blumentritt Extension. Though new in the market, it gained popularity on social media particularly on Facebook. Few celebrities visited it and dined in it. So I think, there’s something special to this place.

The place is residential. So if you are passing by, you might want to look twice because you might not notice it at first glance. The interior is very simple. There’s no overrated decorations. Tables, chairs, then few photos of celebrities that dined in it. As simple as that.

The magic begins in the food they serve. They have a wide variety of food origins, I might say. They serve American, Italian, Mexican, and of course Pinoy food. As a matter of fact, they serve what we, Filipinos love. UNLI RICE! 🙂

Alright! Let’s start with my favourites. I love pasta. They serve four pasta. Classic Carbonara, Penne Pesto, Spaghetti Bolognese, and Penne Amatriciana. Of all these four, my number one bet is Spaghetti Bolognese. This one is the best! Flavourful red sauce with so much meat and aroma from the spices and herbs. Yum! Next to my list is Penne Amatriciana. I think they serve an authentic Amatriciana. I love it because I love spicy food. You can taste the sourness and sweetness of the tomato sauce and of course, it is smoking hot!

Burger is American, right? Same as clubhouse? They both have it. They serve quarter pounder with a 100% beef patty grilled on a lava rock. While it is being grilled, you can smell smoke and it will make you more hungry. For the clubhouse, it looks simple but when you bite it, you’ll know the difference.

If you are just looking for snacks, you have plenty of choices. They have nachos topped with chili con carne, pico de gallo, and their special white sauce. Another food that you might want to try is their Texas Mexico Fries. This is definitely for cheese lovers. They serve it covered with melted cheese and when you dig it up, you’ll discover the layers of toppings.

Big appetite? No problem. They got you covered. Of course, it is we Filipinos love and enjoy the most. UNLI RICE! Try MicMac Manila Inasal. A little trivia about this food; it is their chef’s family recipe. Improved with more spices to satisfy the discriminating taste of Filipinos. Their serving is generous for the “barako” who can consume more than 4 cups of rice.

Fan of steaks? They also have it. You have plenty of choices. You can try Cajun Style Tenderloin, Herb T-Bone Steak, Country Style Porkchop, 5 Spice Ribs, and Classic Pork Belly. Each of this has a unique flavour profile. Cajun is my number one because of its unique taste, and it is also spicy. Second to my favourite is Herb T-Bone because of its aroma and its taste. Third is 5 Spice Ribs. All of it are served with veggies on the side sautéed in garlic which makes it more appetising.

Cajun Style Tenderloin

Herb T-Bone

5 Spice Ribs

Country Style Porkchop

There are also other chicken meals that you might be interested to try. They have Classic Buffalo Wings, Hickory Smoke Wings, Garlic Yogurt Wings, and  Parmesan Cheese Wings.

Garlic Yogurt Wings

Parmesan Wings

But Creamhub will not be true to its name if not for the milkshakes. They have plenty of flavours to choose from. They have Pinoy milkshakes and Western milkshakes. From Leche Flan, Buko Panda, Tablea, and so on, depending on your taste preference. You can also have your own milkshake by choosing a base and toppings and name it to yourself or whatever name you like.

All in all, the food is one of a kind. They are easy to find and there are lots of photos available on the internet and on Facebook. This is a must try for those who are looking for a cheap meal with hotel quality food.

P.S. you might want to check their menu.




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